Managing App Development

Here are my slides from the 7th ANNUAL INNOVATIONS IN E-LEARNING SYMPOSIUM. Sponsored by the Defense Acquisition University and the George Mason University Instructional Technology Program.

With the increase in mobile computing the use of apps has significantly risen. Whether you're targeting mobile phones or tablets, an app can be a cost-efficient way to reach your audience. In this workshop, you'll learn the major steps involved and how to manage application development(even if you're not a programmer yourself).

Join Richard Harrington, a certified project management professional as he unlocks the development process.

  • Learn how to identify your distribution options and register as a developer.
  • You'll also learn how to target your audience and refine the functional goals of your application.
  • Learn how to assemble your development team and efficiently develop graphic and video assets.
  • Discover multiple methods for authoring applications including software as a service, authoring tools, and programming.
  • Learn how to test your apps then submit them to marketplaces for distribution or use ad hoc methods for small groups.
  • You'll also learn practical approaches for marketing your application to your target audience.

You can download the PDF here