Four Tips for Better Video Type


Remember when you were a kid watching Saturday morning cartoons? Did your Mom or Dad yell at you for sitting to close to the TV?

“You’ll go blind!”

Well that’s good advice to remember. Type for the Television screen is very different then for print or web. Here are four things to keep in mind:

  • Use a larger point size. Stand up and walk 20 feet away from the computer screen. Can you still read it?
  • Be sure to anti-alias your type. Check the character panel for anti-alias methods for smoother edges at low-resolutions.
  • Layer styles help readability. Don’t over-bevel, but a light bevel can help. Also add a contrasting edge with either a glow or drop shadow
  • Sans serif fonts are often easier to read on television sets. If using a serifed font, be sure to use a true bold version, not a Faux Bold effect.