Creative COW Master Series: Automating Photoshop with Richard

Now you can get the most out of Photoshop in your video productions. Learn how Photoshop is a powerful video tool, from COW Leader Richard Harrington, author of one of the top ranked Photoshop books ever, Photoshop for Video.

In this DVD, Richard focuses on automating Photoshop and other power user techniques for video artists. Work with panoramic and high dynamic range images, use Photoshop to its full potential by learning to set preferences and tool presets to make your work better…and easier. Refine batch settings, automations, keyboard shortcuts and even image processing… and suddenly Photoshop seems designed for moving, rather than still, images! Discover Photoshop in a whole new way, where images and processes automate!

Topics in this DVD include: Keyboard Customizations and Setting Preferences, Tool Presets, Actions, Layer Styles, Automation and Batch Processing, High Dynamic Range (HDR) Images, Panoramic Images, Adobe Bridge, Smart Filters, Layer Comps, Image Compressor, and Data Sets.