A Useful Article on Final Cut Pro X


Over at Macworld.com, industry veteran (and personal friend) Gary Adcock has a
detailed overview of the new Final Cut Pro X. The software was shown at NAB as a sneak peak.

"As a professional user, I was excited by a lot of what I saw Tuesday night—particularly magnetic tracks that keep audio and video from losing sync, auditioning that will more easily separate good takes from bad ones, and non-destructive color correction and filtering. All will be fantastic additions to my workflow. Additionally, metadata will now be harvested on import, allowing for better online/offline workflows, while the application's new content aware environment keeps everything in line for easy alternate versioning (similar to Photoshop's history palette).

As intriguing as the brief demonstration was, we weren't shown enough for me to make a critical judgement on whether this will be a home run for professional users, as Apple's presentation certainly implied, or something less spectacular."

Be sure to read the whole article here – http://www.macworld.com/article/159202/2011/04/final_cut_pro_x_blog.html

I'm reserving my own judgement until I get my hands on the software and try it out fully.