Budgeting Guidelines for Web Video


If you’re looking for a pot of gold, you’re chasing the wrong leprechaun. Web video budgets are not the same as feature films or commercial spots. With web video and podcasting, the key to making money is efficiency. Figuring out how to do more with less is the guiding principle. In this section, we explore practices that affect the bottom line.

With web video, you need your shoots to run smoothly and efficiently. You will not be able to get the most out of your shoots if you’ve based your preproduction on bad information. You really want to know the goal of the shoot, the objectives of the shoot, how many episodes you are trying to accomplish, and that the client, the talent, and the director have the same expectations. We have found that we can record more than 25 episodes in a day if we plan properly and the talent is prepared. The bottom line here is efficiency. Be efficient, have a plan, and execute the plan with the minimum number of resources, and you’ll do all right.

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