Seven Ways to Move Media In and Out of Adobe Premiere Pro

You’ll find seven ways to move media to and from Adobe Premiere Pro. Be sure you understand all of your options so you can make the right decision for your workflow.

  • Dynamic Link – You can hand off media between Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Encore, and Adobe Audition. The media exchanges seamlessly and you can easily switch between the two applications as needed as the to projects become linked.
  • Copy & Paste – The easiest way to move media between After Effects and Adobe Premiere Pro is the standard Copy and Paste commands in the Edit menu.
  • Export PRPROJ – From After Effects you can choose File > Export Adobe Premiere Pro project to send to Adobe Premiere Pro.
  • Capture In Adobe Premiere Pro – Use this command in After Effects to switch to Adobe Premiere Pro and capture media files.
  • Import PRPROJ – You can import an entire Adobe Premiere Pro project into After Effects. This brings an individual or all sequences in as media files. All edits are preserved, but After Effects treats the Adobe Premiere Pro sequence as a single media file. Changes in Adobe Premiere Pro will update the corresponding media file in After Effects.
  • XML – Using the XML format, Adobe Premiere Pro can both import and export an XML file that links to media assets.
  • AAF – You can import the Advanced Authoring Format from Avid editing systems. You can also export using this format to send a project onto an Avid.

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