Saving a Logo for Video

When creating graphics for use in a video editing program (like Premiere Pro) you may need to do a little extra preparation. Let’s convert a vector graphic (like an Illustrator file) so it’s ready for the video screen.

1 Create a video-sized document Choose File > New... and choose a preset that matches your video editing timeline.

2 Add the logo Choose File > Place then navigate to your desired logo file and click Place and then click OK.
3 Scale the logo to size Drag the Transform handles to size the logo, hold the shift key to scale proportionately. You can use the guides to help you keep the logo properly sized. Be sure the logo stays inside the inner box (also called the safe title area). Press Return (Enter) to rasterize the logo.

4 Give the logo a transparent background Click the visibility icon for the Background layer to hide it. Now, only the logo itself is visible and the rest of the file is transparent.


5 Store the transparency in an alpha channel Choose Window > Actions to view the Actions panel. Click the small triangle in the panel’s upper-right corner and choose Video Actions from the menu that appears. Select the Alpha Channel from Visible Layers action and click the Play button. Click Continue and a new alpha channel is added to the image.

6 Save the file Choose File > Save As. Name the file and be sure the Alpha Channels box is checked. Click OK to save the file.

Be sure to check out my Photoshop book –
Photoshop for Video.