Book Review: “From Still to Motion"

The great blog, Planet 5D has a nice review of our book, From Still to Motion. They had several nice things to say.

"So, the first question is who is this book designed to help? Obviously from the title, it is aimed at a photographer (either pro or semi-pro) who is wanting to learn to make motion pictures. However, this isn’t a ‘movies for dummies’ book. If you don’t know anything about photography in the first place, you should start with a different set of books and come back to this when you understand more. And, everyone has different skill sets and experience so it can be tough to craft a book to help everyone."

They go on to say:

"I think another big advantage of this book is that it was written by a staff of 7 different people – each with their own skills and expertise with making movies. You don’t get the knowledge of just one expert, but seven! It is almost like getting 7 books."

Check out the review in its entirety –