Making Color Adjustments to Photos or Video


The perception of color is very subjective and can vary from person to person. It’s often difficult to make objective changes accurately because the human brain skews perception to make colors appear as natural as possible. Because of this compensation factor, you’ll want to optimize your work environment to have the least impact on your perception of color.

  • Set your computer’s display to its highest-resolution setting. The increased resolution will give you the best view of your image. The highest setting generally displays the native resolution, which means you’ll be working at the optimal resolution for clarity.
  • Make sure your computer displays are set to their maximum brightness.
  • Reduce the amount of ambient light in the room where you’re working. This will help prevent the light from skewing your perception.
  • If possible, paint the walls a neutral gray in the room where you perform detailed adjustments.
  • Keep bright-colored objects to a minimum in the room to avoid skewing your perception.
  • Make sure you’re employing good color management practices. Be sure to calibrate your printers and displays. For more information, see Calibrating Your Aperture System, which is Appendix B in the Aperture User Manual.