Giving Thanks

I just wanted to make a quick list of people who've helped me in my professional life... this list is not complete (and is being written in a moving car). Thanks for all the help through the years.

  • Scott Bourne
  • Robbie Carman
  • Amy Delouise
  • Michelle Gallina
  • Larry Hawk
  • Serena Herr
  • Karyn Johnson
  • Scott Kelby
  • Craig Kornmesser
  • Ben Kozuch
  • Dave Legg
  • Ron Lindeboom
  • Dave Moser
  • John Pascuzzi
  • Nancy Peterson
  • Paul Temme
  • Jack Tow
  • Mark Weiser

Thanks again... you let me do what I do... and have made me better in some way.