My Advice if You are New to Creative COW

It’s impossible to know all the answers or even who to ask Fortunately there’s a lot of great forums for interacting with video pros. I offer a few simple pieces of advice when participating forums (the ones I hang out in are at Creative COW).

  • Lurk a little. Get the hang of the tone and community first. It’s just like a party, don’t walk through the door and start yelling.
    Use the search function first. If you ask a question that has already been recently answered recently, you’re going to feel ignored.
    Post short questions. Nothing turns off a potential responder than the feeling that they’re taking a graduate school exam. Eight-part essay questions are fun for no one. Keep your questions short and direct.
    Give context. Let people know details about the system or gear you’re using, software versions, etc. Even smart geeks aren’t mind readers.
    Give a little, get a lot. If you only ask questions in a forum, you’re going to have bad karma. Most forums have unpaid hosts who do their best to answer questions. Helping out is good for the health of the forum and community.