Converting MP3 Audio for Video Editing

Seems like we're often being handed MP3 files to use in our video projects. It might be a sound effect or an audio track we've got the rights to use. The problem is that the MP3 format is not very good for video editing (wrong sample rate... rarely works in real-time). Fortunately there's an easy fix... iTunes. If you don’t have access to the original files, you should convert the compressed files to an AIFF file for use in a video editing or motion graphics tool.

  1. Drag the file into iTunes.
  2. Choose iTunes > Preferences, then click on the General button and click the Importing tab.
  3. Choose AIFF and set the sample size to 16 bit and the sample rate to 48kHz. Specify if the file is stereo or mono.
  4. Click OK then Click OK again to close the second window.
  5. Highlight the files you want to convert and choose Advanced > Create AIFF version.
  6. To reveal the converted file, highlight it and press Command + R to reveal it at the Finder level.