Premiere Pro 5.0.2 Should be called 5.2

There's a ton of new features in the Premiere Pro update that was recently released. I asked Adobe for a complete list.

Improved Mercury Playback Engine support: Provides support for additional NVIDIA cards: GTX470, Quadro 4000 and Quadro 5000 (all Windows only) 

RED Workflow improvements:

  • Red Rocket support in Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects: The RED Rocket handles the decoding of RED media on playback, which allows editors to free up the CPU and results in faster decoding. RED media playback also is faster and more responsive, and the CPU is free to handle other processes such as effects.
  • Support for Mysterium X and the latest Color ScienceFixes firmware updates from RED.
  • Easily edit color-graded footage from REDCine-X tools: With its support of RMD files, Adobe Premiere Pro allows you to save video footage color graded in REDCine-X as a RMD file and import directly into Premiere Pro thereby creating a tighter color workflow from camera to edit and making collaboration with others even smoother. 

Native Sony XDCam support:

  • Inclusion of XDCAM 4:2:2 timecode: Allows Adobe Premiere Pro users to see and work with source timecode from XDCAM 422 media.
  • XDCAM-HD Export support: Adds support that makes possible exports to the XDCAM-HD format thereby increasing users’ abilities to export for various uses and target devices.

Native JVC QuickTime support: 

  • Native support for JVC QuickTime movies: Increases support of the QuickTime format by adding the popular JVC tapeless cameras to the list of supported devices.

Enhanced native DPX format support: 

  • Import and export DPX files with timecode: Adobe Premiere Pro users can see and work with timecode data embedded within a DPX frame sequence that allows for even more control when working with the DPX format.

Improved color grading

  • 10-bit Display Port support for Mercury GPU Quadro Cards (Windows only):  Support for 10-bit color output via Mercury GPU Quadro Cards offers users the ability to output and view (with 10-bit capable monitor) full 10-bit color without the requirement for separate video playback hardware. 

Improved audio support

  • Broadcast WAV support: Support for the industry-standard Broadcast WAV audio file format improves Adobe Premiere Pro audio workflows where audio source timecode is of importance. This is of particular use in OMF export where source timecode is often used by the host DAW to sync multiple takes.