How to Make an iBook Using Apple iWork

So just yesterday, Apple announced a free update to its iWork software. The newest version allows for the export of ePub files (which happen to work great as iBooks and can be easily converted into files for Kindle and Nook readers). To test things out, I decided to give it a whirl. I took an old chapter from a book and a few movie files (yes... video IS supported on the iPad and other iOS devices).

Installing an ePub File

I whipped up my first ebook (you can download it here). To install the file, do the following.

1. Download the ePub file and unzip it.

2. Connect your iOS device.

3. Launch iTunes.

4. Drag the file onto your device.

5. Launch iBooks and select your book.

Creating an ePub File

Now... here's the QUICK tutorial on how to make one with Apple Pages.... I promise a detailed tutorial next week (but I had to get this out there).

1. Download this template file –

2. Open the file and fill in your content. Be sure to use the styles drawer to use proper formatting.

3. Add photos or media files (such as audio or video). Stick with iPad compatible formats like MP4 and MP3. You can convert your files using iTunes.

4. When finished choose File > Export.

5. Choose the ePub format and enter details.

6. Click Next and choose a destination, then click Export.

For more... see this support document –

For more on using Pages and iWork, be sure to check out the Apple Training Series book.