Keynote for iPad – Animate a Chart, Graph, or Table on a Slide Part 5

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Keynote offers stunning 3D and 2D charts and graphs that can really bring your data to life. When you combine Keynote's animation controls with your charts, the audience can really visualize the data you're presenting.

1. Tap the animate button . Keynote prompts you to select a slide or object.

2. Tap a chart of graph on the Canvas that you want to animate.

Buttons appear near the object, indicating any build effect that has already been applied. If no build effect has been applied, both the build in and build out buttons are labeled “None.”

3. You can now choose to add an effect that reveals (build in) or removes (build out) the chart. Tap the “Build in” or “Build out” button, depending on how you'd like the chart to move onto or off of the slide. The Build In or Build Out window appears.

4. Tap the name of an effect from the Build In or Build Out window. You can scroll to choose from any of 13 effects for chart or graph builds.

Design Tip
While there are several effects to choose from, a few work particularly well for charts and graphs. Be sure to try our Scale, Pop, Dissolve, and Move In. Once you choose an effect, a preview animation plays automatically. You can click the play button in the Build In or Build Out window to repeat the preview.

5. Once you've selected an animation in the Build In or Build Out window, you can customize it.

  • To change the duration of a build, tap the Options button at the bottom of the Build In or Build Out window. You can then drag the duration slider to adjust the speed of the animation.
    • Many effects in the Build In window have additional options such as direction or Up and Down choices.

  • To specify when a build starts, tap the Options button at the bottom of the Build In or Build Out window. On Tap begins the animation when you tap the slide.
    After Transition lets you set a time interval with the Delay slider. You may need to scroll in the window to see all options.

  • To build a chart or graph by segment or series, click the Delivery button. Depending upon how you're data is displayed; you'll see options like By Wedge, By Series, By Set, and more.

Design Tip
Be sure to experiment with the Delivery options. By controlling the pace and order that your data displays, you can better guide your audience through the presentation.

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