New Final Cut Pro Training DVD

Join Apple certified trainer Richard Harrington as he takes you through the color correction features of Final Cut Pro. As a leading author, trainer and presenter, Rich cuts to the chase, giving you access to the most important information fast.

Final Cut Pro's Color Corrector is the first wave of color tools. Whether its because of time of budget, you'll often need to get your project right inside of Final Cut Pro. Addiitionally, most of the work you can do in Final Cut Pro will translate to Apple Color if needed. Being able to improve your footage in a fast and efficient manner improves your rough cuts, and helps speed client approval!

Richard is an expert at motion graphic design and digital video. Since 2003, he has been the manager for conferences for the National Association of Broadcasters. His book, Photoshop for Video, was the first to focus on the use of the masterful Photoshop within the world of video production. He is also a contributing editor for Final Cut Pro on the Spot, Video Made on a Mac, and From Still to Motion.

The master series DVD includes hands-on practice files. So instead of watching, you can actually get real practice. There is also extra footage with which you can practice. The movies are also in an iPad/iPod compatible format so you can carry your lessons around easily!

Richard Harrington's Final Cut Pro Color Correction by Richard Harrington
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