Keynote for iPad – Designing with Magic Move Part 3

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An easy way to create visually stunning animations is with Magic Move. You apply Magic Move to two instances of an object on two slides. Magic Move can animate changes (such as scale, position, or opacity) between the first slide to the second.

The easiest way to use Magic Move is to create the first slide and then let Magic Move duplicate it.

1. Create a slide and arrange all the text and graphic objects, as you'd like them to appear.

2. Tap the animate button. Keynote prompts you to select a slide or object.

3. Select the desired slide

4. Tap the name of the slide transition that appears next to the selected slide (it may be None).

5. Tap Magic Move in the Transitions window and tap Yes, when prompted to duplicate the slide.
The slide is duplicated and a second copy appears in the slide navigator.

You'll notice star icons next to each object. These indicate that the Magic Move transition has been applied to those objects.

6. Arrange the objects how you'd like them to appear.

Design Tip
You have lots of flexibility when using the Magic Move transition. You may choose to modify the objects on the first slide (so they appear to move in to their landing positions on the second slide). You can also animate the objects on the second slide to add emphasis to one or more objects.

To make things easier, you can use a two-finger pinch gesture to zoom out and see the slide and your work area. This can be useful to have elements transition completely off of the slide.

7. Adjusting the timing of the effect is easy. Tap the original slide in the slide navigator and then tap Magic Move to open the Transitions window again.

8. Tap Options at the bottom of the Transitions window.

  • You can set a duration for the effect between 10 and 5.00 seconds.
    • Choose whether to start the transition when you tap or automatically after the previous transition. You can also set a delay for how quickly the transition begins after the previous slide.

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