Keynote for iPad – To Customize a Transition Part 2

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All Keynote transitions can be customized. The options vary with each transition offering its own choices. The primary reasons to change the transitions options are to avoid repetition and to control the pacing of the presentation.

1. Tap the Options button in the Transitions window

2. In the Options window, drag the duration slider.

Design Tip
You can choose duration of .10 to 5.00 seconds. Slower transitions are more dramatic, but should be reserved for special use. A value of 1.00 – 1.50 seconds is a good value for most transitions.

3. If you’ve selected a transition with directional controls, drag the arrow to set the direction from which the new slide moves in.

4. Choose when you want the transition to start (you may need to scroll the list).

  • On Tap – The transition is applied when you tap the screen.
    After Previous Transition – This option can be used to create a self-running presentation. Be sure to set the Delay timer so there is enough of a pause so the slide can be read before the transition occurs.

5. To apply another transition, just select another slide in the slide navigator.

6. When you’ve set up all the transitions how you want, tap Done in the top-right corner of the screen.
If you see a yellow-colored triangle on the bottom-right corner of a slide thumbnail (in the slide navigator) it means that a transition has been applied to a slide.

Design Tip
If you want to reuse a transition, you can duplicate a slide. The new copy is easy to modify, and will already contain any transitions or builds you've applied.

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