Get the free Photoshop CS5 Knowledge Panel

Get the free Photoshop CS5 Knowledge Panel for a bunch of cool free tutorials built right into Photoshop CS5. Choose Window > Extensions > Knowledge to open it.

Here's why you need it.

  • It's totally free
  • It's interactive with cool controls
  • A bunch of my tutorials are in there on video and animation.

"Sometime in the last 48 hours, your copy of Photoshop CS5 quietly sprouted some new functionality. We hope you like it, and we'd love to get your feedback.
Adobe is now delivering the Knowledge panel for Photoshop. This tool delivers interactive step-by-step guidance, walking you through some 70 tutorials written by expert authors. Unlike other tutorials, these can drive Photoshop: clicking links executes commands in PS (e.g. clicking "File->New" brings up the New Document dialog box)."

Learn more here –

Thanks to Victor Gavenda at Peachpit and John Nack at Adobe for doing this.