Understanding Adobe Photoshop CS5 is 100% Done

My new Photoshop CS5 book (okay I actually have 2) is about to go to press. It's 100% written and laid out. This is a great book if you’re self-taught in Photoshop or for classroom use. Instead of getting bogged down in every feature, I strip the application to the core skills you'll need to work professionally.

The book is ready to order and will ship soon. As a bonus, it also includes 6.5 hours of training videos.

Photoshop is the foundation of every digital career. Many users think they know it, but in truth they have gaping holes in their training. This book covers what a professional truly needs to know about Photoshop. For students this book offers a chance to explore the program interactively. For professionals it provides a chance to add to your skill base. The book cuts though the clutter and is unique, focusing not just on digital photography, but also the Web, graphic design, multimedia, and video.

Readers will learn the basics in correcting, editing, sharpening, retouching, and presenting photos as well as work on specific projects/exercises. Coverage of exciting new C5 features includes: Puppet Warp, Refining Edges, Eyedropper tools, Merge to HDR, Content Aware Fill/Scale/Heal, 3D Text, and Lens Profile.

The full-color book includes a DVD with hand-on exercises and practice images as well as 72 new video training tutorials that expand the on the lessons in the book.