Aperture Book Gets Perfect Review

Always nice to have one of my books get a 10/10 review – go team! Thanks to the folks over at MyMac.com for a detailed review of our Aperture 2 book.

"Aperture 2: Professionally Manage Digital Photographs goes into every little things that Aperture can do for you. While you can easily see and use the sliders in the interface, it is not obvious by looking at them that using a modifier key will improve the tools' functionality. They are also describing features like round-tripping to an external editor, such as Photoshop. And if your camera RAW file format is not yet recognized by Aperture, did you know you can use a free DNG converter from Adobe to be able to edit it in Aperture without having to wait for Apple to update the software? I point this out, because historically speaking Adobe has been faster to implement RAW decodes for new cameras than Apple ever was."

See the whole review here.

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