Great Video for Great Band

I've always been a huge Arrested Development (AD) fan since college. Many haven't realized that the band has continued to release new music at a regular pace.

Here's their latest music video, shot entirely with a Canon 7D camera. Been studying up on this process as I am in the middle of co-authoring a book on DSLR filmmaking right now.


Arrested Development - "The World Is Changing" from James Edwin Myers Jr. on Vimeo.

Arrested Development - "The World Is Changing"

Vagabond Records and Tapes

A Pony Ghost Production

Director - James Edwin Myers Jr.

Producer - James Edwin Myers Jr.

Co-producer - Bob Butler

Executive Producers - Arrested Development

DP - Troy Stains

Editor - Justin Miller

Colorist - Troy Stains

Set Construction - Bob Butler

Production Design - David Van Arsdale

Stylist/Wardrobe - Harley Pelayo

Makeup - Fawn Ortega

PA/Grips - Mike Williamson, Justin Chapman

This music video was shot entirely on a Canon 7D with Canon lenses.