Final Cut Studio Documentation and Workflows Now Online

Need to know the latest about Final Cut Studio? Want to look something up about ProRes from your iPhone? Hate those big printed manuals that waste paper?
While its not a revolutionary step (others like Adobe have already placed their docs online) it is still a welcomed event. Some might wonder if trimming the manuals out allowed the huge price cut?
Regardless… the manuals and an even better Workflows document are now online.
The Apple documentation team has converted all of the documentation for the web.  It is freely searchable and can even be linked to if you need to point to a specific article to help a colleague (an even nicer way to say RTFM).
You’ll find them here at
A great document is also the “Final Cut Studio Workflows.” It’s a little hidden within the Final Cut Pro help library:
It offers great ideas on how Final Cut Studio applications fit into a post-production workflow.  You’ll also find practical guidance on how Final Cut Studio apps work with one another.