Cloning an Image in Aperture

Besides repairing, the Retouch brush in Aperture offers the ability to clone within an image. This works well to copy pixels from one area of an image to another as a way to hide imperfections or repeat objects. The cloning option is fast because it doesn’t attempt to blend pixels.

1 Press X to select the Retouch tool.
2 Select the Retouch HUD and click the Clone button.
3 In the Retouch HUD, adjust the brush Radius and the Softness.
4 Hold down the Option key and click the area you want to sample.

It’s often better to take a few strokes to build up the texture. Be careful as you clone so you don’t introduce stray strokes.

5 Brush over the area you want to clone.
6 Repeat brushstrokes as needed.

If you get an unintended stroke, you can choose Undo. If you return to a retouched image you can also delete a Retouch brush stroke at any time by clicking the Delete button in the Retouch area of the Adjustments pane. Note that brush strokes can be deleted only in reverse order because they’re recorded sequentially.