Special Episode of Layers TV

I recently got a chance to cohost Layers TV with Corey Barker. The show is a great podcast that comes out each week on all things Adobe. They do a really great job with it and they had me on as a guest host to cover Adobe Production Premium.

“Corey is joined by guest co-host Richard Harrington to discuss working with video in Photoshop Extended, Premiere, and After Effects.

  • When working in Premiere, don't forget about the search menu that you can use to locate the effects you want
  • Change Color is a useful effect that you can use to target and adjust one color region of your video clip
  • There are also Shadow/Highlight adjustment options in Premiere
  • You can bring your video clips into Photoshop Extended and apply Photoshop effects to them
  • Make video clips into smart objects so that Photoshop will treat them as a single layer
  • After you have finished editing the video clip in Photoshop, go under the Export command and render the finished video
  • Get more information from Richard at Photoshop For Video.com
  • Use After Effects to make speed changes to your video clips. Remember, time is just another keyframe
  • If you want further video training from Richard, you can watch his classes at Kelby Training.com, or see him live at Photoshop World this September in Las Vegas”