Photoshop World Schedule Announced

The schedule for the new Photoshop World has been announced and I am very excited.. I'll be teaching four brand new classes that I hop you all will enjoy.

Building an Electronic Portfolio (Using DVD, Presentation Software, and Web Galleries)
Looking to expand your photography or design portfolio? This in-depth class will teach you how to create dynamic electronic portfolios to showcase your work. Learn how to prepare your images for the screen, then take them to new places such as the Internet, DVD, and Presentation software.  This session will help you show your portfolio to more people with less expense.  If your looking for easy and innovative ways to showcase your work, don't miss this important pre-conference session.

Creative Animation with the Puppet Tool
Looking to create animation from photos?  Learn how to combine layered Photoshop files with After Effects Puppet Tool to  quickly add natural motion.  You can bend, warp, and animate both raster images and vector graphics, including still images, shapes, and text characters.  In this session, you'll learn creative possibilities for creating animated elements for use in video and multimedia projects.  

Advanced Motion Control 3D
Clients, Producers, and After Effects Artists alike have fallen in love with bringing pictures to life. Want to learn how to create movement "within" a photo?  This popular class has been fully updated to show you even more techniques for using Photoshop files for creative story telling.  Learn how to use 3D cameras, lights, particles, and the Vanishing Point feature to create exciting animations that capture the imagine and engage your audience.

Creative Chromakeying
The use of green-screen and blue-screen is a popular technique for both video and film special effects.  In this informative session you'll learn how to create virtual environments from photos, then key your video using Photoshop or After Effects.  A special emphasis will be placed upon using After Effects' powerful keying technology like Keylight as well as strategies to help with the production of the chromakey shoot.

The conference is September 3-6 in Las Vegas... be sure to check it out!