TWIP Podcast Episode #25 - Rich Harrington’s New Aperture Book

I just appeared on the latest episode of TWIP (This week in Photography). The show is hosted by Scott Bourne & Alex Lindsay
We discussed the new book
Apple Pro Training Series: Aperture 2 (Apple Pro Training Series). Here are a few highlights:

  • As both a photographer and author, his challenge in writing books like this one is to remember that the purpose of the software is not to bring something out that wasn’t there, but rather to enhance something that (for whatever reason) you couldn’t capture. We’ve all been in those situations where time is so short that you don’t get the lighting quite ideal, etc.
  • Right now, use of an Aperture plug-in works much like a round-trip to Photoshop. A new version of the image is created, edited via the plug-in, and “returned” to Aperture’s control. Granted, you never alter your original image, so you never lose the ability to go back and start again on a process that utilized a plug-in. Ultimately, true non-destructive plug-ins might happen, but there’s no absolute way to know with Apple being so tight-lipped about their development process.- The book covers a wide range of output targets including prints, books, web use, iPhone, AppleTV, etc.