Adobe Media Player Article Gets Longer Legs

The fine folks over at Layers Magazine have also published the article: Does the World Need Another Media Player? This time its had the benefit of being scrubbed by an editor (not just spell-checker). You can read it here:

A few folks have commented on the length of the article... here’s the Spark Notes version:

  • Flash Video is getting really popular
  • The Adobe Media Player will be easier for corporations, schools, and government to use due to Adobe's greater acceptance over Apple (and especially iTunes).
  • The media player supports several models that are attractive to content creators
  • The media player supports very rich statistics on media consumption
  • The application is going to move onto all sorts of devices and platforms in the near future.
  • If you are a podcaster... I predict the Adobe Media Player will have as great of an impact as iTunes did on podcast consumption.

The article is long... but worth the read... I promise.