This Bag is Awesome – My thoughts on the Boda Dry

At the recent Photoshop World conference, I picked up a new camera bag. This one is a lens bag, and is designed to condense your camera bag into a few lenses and essential gear. Be sure to check out the BODA Dry (a ton of the Photoshop World instructors and staff picked up on this). Here's what's cool.

  • The bag hold 4+ lenses (including long lenses)
  • It's very comfortable with both a shoulder and a waist strap (I find the shoulder strap more comfortable, but the waist strap fits well and has hip pads like a backpackers pack).
  • The product looks durable with waterproof bullistic cordura and even a very tight zipper to keep rain out.
  • It has a media card wallet, lens changing pouch, and even business card case.
  • The gear is designed to be used with one hand (and the thoughtful construction shows).

I used the bag while hiking around Red Rock (outside Las Vegas) and it was a true joy. Very comfortable and very easy to use... I still love my Kata bag for lugging the gear, but when I trim down to go mobile... this one is great.