Photoshop Express is the Future of Digital Imaging (For Many People)

I finally gave in and checked out Photoshop Express from Adobe... and I must say I am impressed. No, it doesn't replace Elements (and certainly not Photoshop), but it is very, very cool.

Here are the core features

  • Upload up to 2GB of photos (for free!)
  • Sort images to keep them organized
  • Easy to use editing tools let you do all sorts of tasks like Crop, Rotate, TOuch-up, remove red-eye, change focus, sharpen, white balance, and add fill light (plus more).
  • Share your photos with a Gallery (customized photo displays are supported)
  • Upload them to your Facebook page, blog, or anywhere else online.

My thoughts? It's awesome! Here's why this matters to pros and even hobbyists.

  • First, it brings Photoshop to more people, ensuring a healthier life for Adobe.
  • Second, it's free! 2GB of storage is useful.... I am loading up images that I often use to teach with as well as a few portfolios I'd like to share.
  • Third, New Media.... it's catching on and apps like this are truly exciting to all ages.

Be sure to
check it out... good stuff!