Great Mac Shareware Bundle

I've taken part in MacUpdate's bundle deals for a while now... here's their latest and greatest. This deal runs out soon.

“MacUpdate has partnered with 11 Mac developers to bring you a great software bundle. You can buy this bundle for $49.99 instead of $666.74, a savings of $616.75 This amazing offer is time limited so buy today.”

Here are my favorites from the bundle

  • ForkLift – A useful FTP application
  • RapidWeaver – A great website and blogging tool, how this website is made.
  • Xslimmer –Trim an applications by removing universal versions (going to just PPC or Intel) as well as Internationalization files.
  • Yep – A really cool cataloging tool for PDF files
  • SRS iWOW – Makes iTunes sound great on a laptop.
  • XMIND 2008 Pro – A mind-mapping application that helps creative types get their ideas down.
  • iStabilize – A REALLY good image stabilization program for shaky footage.
  • PulpMotion – A surprisingly useful motion graphics tool with some cool templates