Want More on HDV?

Looking to find out more on HDV? A useful book with reading is HDV:What You NEED to Know! By Douglas Spotted Eagle. This book offers useful advice and essential information on HDV workflows. Find out more at www.VASST.com.

“232 pages of information including colorplates, this book also includes a DVD that offers viewers the opportunity to work with HDV from all 4 professional HDV cameras available today including CF 24, 24p, and 24f. The book also discusses products that are available now, and available in the future.
VASST wrote the world's first book on HDV, which has become a resource for over 55,000 readers. The Second Edition delves more deeply into the subject than ever before, containing tips on camera settings, formatting, editing solutions and workflow for every major NLE system, and detailed information on making your HDV video more film-like. VASST has been providing film-look plug in tools for 2 years to the SD and HDV editing world, and some of their tips and secrets are revealed in this book.”

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