Final Cut Pro Update

In case you missed it... Apple just released an update to Final Cut Pro. Version 5.1.3 adds a few bug fixes and minor updates:

Render File Compatibility – Render files created on both PowerPC-based and Intel-based Macintosh computers
now work properly on either type of computer. This means you can move machines without having to re-render.

Keyboard Layout Issues Resolved – Several commands to the default keyboard layout that were missing in the previous version.

Issues with Cross Dissolves in Nested Sequences Resolved – Resolves cases in which cross dissolves did not work as expected in nested sequences containing still images with adjusted motion parameters.

You will need to be running FCP 5.1 to install this update. You must have loaded it from the DVD-ROM update (it is WAY too big to download). The 5.1 update is a paid update as Apple has to ship you new media (but it is a really big update for a 'dot release' and is worth it.) Apple offers $49 upgrades and crossgrades that start at $99. This is a phenomenal opportunity to bump up to the whole studio for a bargain price.

For more information about all of the updates, visit this detailed overview.

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