Aperture to Final Cut Pro Utility

I was literally just using Apple's Aperture photo manager software for a client session. We were sifting, ranking, and sequencing images for use in a video edit. The whole process was very smooth and professional. The only issue was getting the images quickly into the NLE. Sure Aperture allows for exporting images, but all that organizational work would be lost.

Fortunately I am not the only one who thinks this way. The fine folks over at Connected Flow have released
Aperture to Final Cut Pro. This free plug-in allow you to export images, pick a format, specify transitions, and send it all from Aperture to Final Cut Pro as a sequence with media. This is a super flexible exchange that allows for changes (including scaling) within Final Cut Pro.

Oh... it's free too. If you use Aperture and Final Cut Pro, be sure to check it out.