Great Deal on Shareware for a Good Cause

Some of my favorite tools are on sale this week as part of a great shareware bundle (deal ends this Sunday). Over at MacHeist (an online game) they have a shareware developer bundle. For $49 you can get the following programs.

1. Delicious Library (allows you to catalog music and DVDs)
2. Foto Magico (a cool slideshow application)
3. ShapeShifter (for changing the Mac UI)
4. Devon Think (a database application)
5. Disco (a disc burning application)
6. RapidWeaver (the blogging tool I use for this site)
7. iClip (a clipboard organizer that is very useful)
8. A game from Pangea software (several to choose from... I like Bugdom)
9. Newsfire (a RSS reader)
10. TextMate (a great text editor - unlocked if they raise 100K for charity)

Plus... 25% of the purchase price goes to a charity (of your choice). This is just a great example of geeks doing good... I am ordering mine today and suggest that other mac users take this great deal up before it is gone.