After Effects 7.0.1 is Released

While its 'just' a minor update, its still nice when our power tools get tweaked. Adobe just released a minor bug update to After Effects. Here are some details from the release notes about the most significant fixes in the 7.0.1 release (Mac or Win):

• An issue has been fixed where After Effects' application window could not be revealed after being hidden.

• After Effects can now read IFF image files rendered out of mental ray for Maya.

• Shift-clicking to draw vertices with the Pen tool now constrains to 45 degree angles.

• Copy and paste of semitransparent text from Illustrator into After Effects has been fixed.

• Choosing Composition > Preview > Audio Preview (Work Area) will now play the whole work area.

• Users can now import Blackmagic Design 8-bit YUV AVI compressed files.

• An issue that caused incorrect pixel aspect ratio and dimensions when importing DVCProHD files captured in FCP5 has been fixed. (I begged for this one)

• Audio waveform no longer disappears when the window is resized.

A big thanks to After Effects Product Manager Steve Kilisky for letting me know.