Super Cool Audio Recorder for Podcasting and Field Production

While I was traveling for DV Expo, we decided to pick up a new digital audio recorder. After an exhaustive search, we decided upon the Microtrack 24/96 from M-Audio. This recorder has proven very flexible as we can use it several ways.

  • It can be patched into a soundboard easily with three different connection types
  • It can be connected to a video camera's headphone port to record audio
  • It has an attachable mike for quick voice records of meetings or creative sessions

The feature list is pretty impressive as it offers pro options at a reasonable price. It's important that you download the latest software updates (which are free) but the whole package is great. I love being able to both charge and transfer data via a USB 2 cable. Don't let some of the inexperienced Amazon reviewers throw you off, I trust the recommendation of Douglas Spotted Eagle any day.