Technology for the Masses – K-mart Goes Broadband

Tonight, I ended up in a K-mart (I was looking for a bin of Tinker Toys for my son Michael). My eye was caught by the promise of 'free high-speed internet access' (or acceso gratuito de alta velocidad a internet for K-mart's Spanish speaking customers). Naturally, my curiosity got the best of me.

1. Who exactly goes to K-mart with a laptop?

2. While they do have a snack-bar, could you really see yourself sitting down with a big tall ICEE (blue please) and telecommute?

3. Where did they dig up the dinosaur 'Application Center' terminal. This thing totally looks like a TRS (Trash) 80... If you know what I mean... please validate this inane post by leaving a comment.

Well, as a podcaster, I guess I should be glad that you can now get my latest episodes at K-mart. Be sure to stop into your “all-new” K-mart (now owned by Sears) and see what joys lie in-store for you.