Never Lost on a Road Trip Again

I have found the best gadget for traveling... an affordable GPS system that you can take with you on the road. I'm in LA for the Podcasting Expo and I bought a portable GPS unit (for those of you who've driven LA, you'll understand the need to bale from a clogged highway and find a new route). The Garmin Nuvi 360 Pocket or Vehicle GPS Navigator just rocks.

• It just works, zero problems getting a signal and clear directions.
• It has Bluetooth which is really cool. Pair it with your cell phone and it works as a speaker phone. Need to find a hotel or restaurant, click the built-in guide then push the phone button and you are connected. Dial the office and you have a great hands-free speaker phone. It's clear for both parties and totally works.
• It has built-in storage, and can play music (and even cooler Audible books).
• The screen is bright and clear, plus its a touch screen
• It charges via a USB cable or runs of a cigarette adapter.
• You can put it into a pedestrian mode for walking around cities (it'll ignore one ways, or places that aren't accessible to pedestrians).
• There are no subscription fees.

Be sure to check it out... this little device has taken away a big chunk of the stress I feel in rental cars (and makes my wife happy as she uses it in her non-GPSed car when I am not traveling).

Thanks to Terry White from Adobe for the initial tip.