New DVD – Motion Control: Turning Photos into Moving Footage

It’s finally shipping, my new DVD. If you need to use photos in your videos or film, you'll enjoy this new disc. I go very in-depth on how to create standard and 3D camera moves with photos.

Motion Control: Using Photoshop and After Effects To Tranform Still Images into Moving Footage
No longer locked to a stationary position on screen, your photos now possess distinct storytelling abilities.  Join Richard Harrington, Photoshop and motion graphics guru, as he reveals the top techniques used by pros to bring still images to life.  This DVD will benefit all users interested in improved storytelling abilities.You’ll learn essential techniques both in 2D and 3D space.

  • Adobe Photoshop essentials
  • Traditional two-dimensional motion control
  • Using 3D cameras
  • Working in 3D space
  • Using 3D lighting to enhance your images
  • Performing advanced camera operations

Bonus Features

  • Original and processed images
  • Adobe Photoshop and After Effects project assets

Estimated ship date is September 20th 2006. You can order it here.