Mighty Mouse Goes Bluetooth

It was only a matter of (too much) time. First, Apple launched wireless mice and keyboards (for those who hate the clutter of cables). Then Hell froze over and Apple released a two-button mouse called Mighty Mouse (do they have to pay royalties to the cartoon character?). But it appeared the two products would never meet. But like all good mice, they eventually created off-spring, and the Mighty Mouse has gone wireless.

I am glad that this has finally happened for several reasons.
• When I use pro video and graphics apps the right-click is a huge time saver as it unlocks many features
• When running Windows on my Mac (don't hate the player) I find myself need to right-click a whole lot
• Trackpads aren't great for precise control such as illustration or design

So, is it worth buying? The short answer is yes (if you need a multi-button mouse). Getting the mouse to pair with a computer is easy (provided you have Bluetooth). The tracking is accurate (with an improved sensor over original models) and the product appears to have good battery life. The buttons are programmable and most users will find the control button on top of the mouse useful for scrolling and panning. The only annoyance (which is an easy fix) are the side buttons. These are a bit too easy to trigger for my taste as my larger hands tend to trigger them easily. By default, this launches Exposé which will re-arrange your windows on screen. A quick visit to the Keyboard & Mouse System Preference Pane allows you to deactivate these buttons. If you need additional control, then pick this mouse up online or at your local Apple store.