iPhoto Books Tip

So, making a book using iPhoto is still the best. I sat down and was going to use Aperture, but it didn't have the theme I wanted (although both use the same engine and printer service). If you've never made a book, the process is a snap.
1. Select the photos you want in the browser (pick more than you think you'll need)
2. Click the Book icon in the Toolbar
3. Flip from page to page (choosing layout options from the Toolbar)
4. Drag photos in and scale and position using intuitive controls.

Mini books start at $4 and larger books range between $20 -$30 depending on soft or hard covers. It really makes a nice keepsake for friends or even a new way to build a portfolio. But what about 'proofing?' Well you can share the book before you print it.

1. In iPhoto, choose File > Print.
2. In the Print Window, choose Save as PDF.
3. Pick a destination, then name the file and click OK.
4. Send the PDF to those who need to review it.

The mini books make great leave behinds for clients or potential employers.